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Gopher Broke Bluegrass


About us...

Gary Darling

Born In Vermont, one of Gary's earliest memories is of his mother calling him to watch 'The Darlings' on "The Andy Griffith Show", jokingly telling him they were his cousins (they weren't...). After much musical searching, he discovered bluegrass in the 80's. Intensely drawn to Bill Monroe's syncopated, shuffling rhythm style, he has tried to capture that in his own mandolin playing. His powerful, on-the-edge vocals have been compared to James King.

Gary has 'BIG MON' on his license plates, and likes ice cream with his pie.

Steve Wright

At the impressionable age of 18, Steve received a banjo as a 'gift' from his father. It was then he saw just how lonesome life as a banjo player could be. Shunned by friends and family alike, Steve spent countless hours listening to recordings by the Stanley Brothers, Flatt and Scruggs, Joe Val, the Dillards, and many other great bluegrass performers. After 15 years playing a variety of musical styles as a guitarist and bass player, Steve found acceptance among a pack of Gophers in 1993.

When not playing the banjo Steve enjoys spending his time fly fishing, canoeing, and camping. He has a 'black belt' (tho not the martial arts kind), and is a lover of cheap transportation.

Chris Cruger

After spending many years enjoying a wide variety of musical pursuits, Chris joined Gopher Broke on bass in 1995.He  began playing guitar and bass in his early teens. Introduced to the fiddle and old-timey/bluegrass music at age 16, Chris began a long and rewarding journey back to bluegrass that has spanned the last 30-plus years.
He doesn't have any brothers in Switzerland, and doesn't need another dog.

Haze Smith Haze put down the banjo after his father bought a Martin 00-21 when he was about 8 years old. Haze would sing folk revival and protest songs with his father. As friends of the family started turning up with records by the likes of Rev. Gary Davis, Doc Watson and Country Cooking, Haze started to put a few licks in his quiver. After playing solo for many years, Haze played in rock, bluegrass and country bands. Then after picking with the Gophers at a spring benefit concert in Pittsburg, NH (where they saw their shadows) the boys offered him the guitar job and itís been snowing ever since

Revised: October 15, 2006 .