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Gopher Broke Bluegrass


About the Songs...

People often ask if there's a story or inspiration behind a certain tune that we've recorded or performed; here's a few.
Caledonia County" (Caledonia County - G Darling)

"After Bill Monroe died, I wanted to write a song honoring him, but I couldn't find the words. I'd always been drawn to his instrumentals, the multiple fiddles, the fact that you could always dance to his music; it had that bounce to it. I wrote this song trying to capture that feel. Rich put the twin fiddles in it and it came out really well. I think Bill would have liked it". G Darling

"Theres a Crack in the Heart" (Caledonia County - R. Hamilton)

".....just read the lyrics.... its a broken heart song"  R Hamilton

"Coos County Jail" (Broke Again... - Rick Lang)

"It’s ironic I sing this song, because I live about five miles from the jail, and know a few people who work there. Rick Lang told me he was thinking about the words “Coos County”, and the next word that came to mind was “jail”. He said he liked how it rolled off his tongue. The rest is a tale." H Smith

"Mother Don't Know Who I am Anymore" (Broke Again...-G.Darling)

"A true story. Mother was such a great person, kind and loving, generous to a fault. About six years ago she started getting forgetful which has advanced into Alzheimer's Disease. We had to put her in a nursing home. It's so sad  to  see her like that - no memories, no recognition of me or anyone she once knew. The last time I went to see her she sat there and glowered at me, looking dazed and angry. Then she looked at me and laughed, and for one magical moment she was my Mom again. Then, just as quickly she lapsed back into the stranger she has become. Haze does a nice job of
cross-picking on this song, gives it a Carter Family feel I think". G Darling

WORKING ON A ROAD (TO GLORY LAND) (Broke Again... -L. Flatt)
"The five part gospel sound has been one of my favorites in bluegrass since I heard Flatt & Scruggs sing it when I was a child. It’s a great asset to have five guys in the band who can sing it. Plus, I love the chance to do some fingerpicking."  H Smith
They’re Auctioning Off The Old Family Farm (Caledonia County - S. Wright)

"Vermont; the mere mention of our State brings to mind scenes of rural life. Winding country roads, lush meadows dotted with grazing Holstein cattle, the weathered barn surrounded by fields of corn and windrows of drying hay . To me, the family farm encompasses more of the “Vermont Life” than any other image that comes to mind . Farming is more than an occupation here, it’s a way of life, passed on from generation to generation . It is the decline of this way of life that inspired me to write, “ They’re Auctioning Off The Old Family Farm”. I married into a farming family and I saw first hand the struggle to maintain tradition in a modernizing society . By drawing attention to their plight, I hope a greater understanding and appreciation is given to those who work the land."  S.Wright

"Just Below the Notch" (Caledonia County - R. Hamilton)

..." is a song based on an event that occurred in northern NH in 1961 ....according to Betty and Barney Hill ,they were abducted by an alien spacecraft as they were traveling home one night through Franconia Notch, NH..... Both reported having similar strange
dreams afterwards about little green mandolin players which prompted them to undergo hypnosis through which their ordeal was revealed. Betty produced a star map from memory; unique in that it had with an outer  space perspective. how did she do that? their story was featured in a made for TV movie ( so it must be true) and Betty appeared on many national talk shows in the 70's to explain their experience.....maybe
Merv Griffin was an alien too..... the whole tune was pretty much finished on a late night return trip from a gig in the mountains....come to think of it, i cant quite remember the whole trip." R Hamilton

Bit Off a Little More Than We Could Chew (Broke Again... - R. Hamilton)

".... adam and eve.... as if they didnt know what they were doing.... now immortalized in a song with two chords....we're still chewin after all these years." R. Hamilton

"Sacred Ground" (Broke Again...-G. Darling)

"In 1999, while attending the IBMA show, I drove down to Rosine to the Monroe family cemetery. A nice warm Saturday afternoon. All by myself I sat on the granite bench in front of Bill's grave and just drank everything in for about an hour. Very powerful. After I got home I'd go out on the porch and think about that. I wrote this song trying to capture that feeling of loneliness one hears in certain Monroe pieces". G Darling

“It Ain’t Right” (Broke Again... - S. Wright)

" While the title may be enough to bring sharp criticism from my old English teacher, ( not to mention my wife ) this song takes a humorous look at an age old theme. Having spent a little time in the “Dog House” myself gave me some insight for this song." S.W.

"Been There and Done That" (Broke Again...R. Hamilton)

" yeppers been there..... haze takes the lead on this one. sounds like he's been there before too....." R Hamilton

"How Long?" (Broke Again... R. Hamilton)

" simple question with a not so simple answer.... pretty straight ahead sounding tune..... could hear alot of traditional bands doing this one as i wrote it....." R Hamilton